MUSIC: Five Non-White Artists You Should Be Listening To

By Aaron Jackson In today’s broad, decentralized musical marketplace, it’s become ever so easy to find artists that fit your personal music tastes. However it has not become as easy to find new and distinctive artists you might like that who aren’t white. Racism obviously plays a huge role in this, and while I could […]

NYC Women Respond to Trump’s Inauguration

  By Haby Sondo Words matter. The way in which they are so uniquely formed creates hundreds of different tones and shades of meaning which each individual listener can interpret, and make their own. The rhetoric which Trump has used during his entire campaign matters.  His words have evoked fear and anger amongst young women […]

ESSAY: Has The Spirit of Christmas Changed?

By Shumaya Islam It was about a week or so ago, when I woke up around my usual time in the morning. A sharp tremor of coldness ran from the top of my dark brown locks to the bottom of my round toes. My whole body shivered, as I pulled my comforter closer attempting to […]

OP-ED: Minority Groups that Oppress Other Minorities….Are You Guilty?

By Aaron Jackson Okay, so get this: you’re in the third grade again. You’re outside in the playground, when all of a sudden, some fifth grader begins to pick on you, along with some random fourth grader. You survive that torment, but as soon as the fifth grader leaves, the fourth grader who experienced the […]

7 Reasons Why the Best Place to Be Right Now Is In High School

By Karla Davis The nation’s high school graduation rate hit its record high in the years 2012-13 at approximately 81%. That is an almost 10% increase in comparison to the graduation rates in years 2005-06. With these two facts at hand, I could not help but question, “why?” and “how?” For all I knew, 1. […]

TECH COLUMN: The Importance of Twitter in Our Lives

By Chimdi Alagor Although some may dismiss Twitter as a place where people air their most frivolous thoughts, few can argue that it has not had a significant impact on our world, no matter how undeveloped it is. In spite of the 140-character word limit, Twitter has managed to change the way we communicate in a […]


MISS “UNIVERSO”? Por Benny Ogando El concurso de Miss Universo es dedicado a reconociendo la mujer mas bella del mundo o “Universo”. Pero después de 63 años de su comienzo en los 1952 la imagen de lo que es la belleza no ha cambiado mucho. Aunque hemos avanzado con la justicia social algo todavía se […]

OPINION: American Juvenile System Harshly Punishes Teens

  By Mariama Bah The American juvenile justice system is oriented both towards punishing and helping young kids who are going through adolescence while exhibiting criminal behaviors.  In most states and on the federal level, the age at which a child is legally considered an adult is eighteen years old. In New York State  a […]

Anti-Feminists Argue Feminism Gives Women Unfair Advantage In Society

By Roberta Nin Feliz Why women don’t need feminism anymore Second-wave feminists watch in disappointment as the feminist movement comes to a shambles with women claiming why they DON’T need feminism. The campaign called “Women Against Feminism” has women turning to social media to proclaim why they don’t need or want feminism through selfies of […]

APAP 2015:  Making Entertainment Better, More Multi-Cultural, and More Socially Responsible

  By Carol Cooper High school kids usually have to wait for free summer concert series in city parks like Summerstage and Celebrate Brooklyn to see the wide range of international talent that perform all year round in New York nightclubs, dancehalls and small jazz bars.  But do you ever wonder how a  Kenyan rock […]

MUSIC REVIEW: A Look Back at Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city”

By Anthony Rivera With last fall’s release of the advance single “i”, (an uptempo number introduced with a live band on TV’s Saturday Night Live) and Kendrick Lamar’s new album coming out soon, I think it’s a good time to look back at Lamar’s previous album, good kid, m.A.A.d city (GKMC). On his major label […]