Robotics Club: MCSM And The FIRST Robotics Competition!

By Marco Gonzalez   Editor’s Note:  The Manhattan Center Robotics Club is one of the most popular and ambitious STEM-related clubs in our school.  As you can see in the team picture above, the MCSM Rambots comprise a diverse array of participants of different grades and ages, both male and female.  Each year our robotics […]

FEATURE: A Visit and Interview With TEEN VOGUE

Story: By the RamPage Staff      Photos:  By Chesley Jimenez and Carol Cooper       On March 3rd of this year, lucky members of MCSM’s Newspaper Club together with students from Ms. Chiavola’s English classes, were invited downtown to the Conde Nast offices at #4 World Trade Center to talk with the young editorial […]

NYC Women Respond to Trump’s Inauguration

  By Haby Sondo Words matter. The way in which they are so uniquely formed creates hundreds of different tones and shades of meaning which each individual listener can interpret, and make their own. The rhetoric which Trump has used during his entire campaign matters.  His words have evoked fear and anger amongst young women […]

Club Fair 2016 ! ! !

        This year’s after-school Club Fair took place on October 5th in the MCSM cafeteria. Students in search of fun extracurricular activities had plenty to choose from during this Wednesday afternoon event. Dozens of club leaders and faculty advisers made themselves available to talk to new and returning students about joining all […]

Our Illustrious Alumni: A New Column

  Kiara Ventura  Hosts an Art Show Party! Rampage founding-editor and MCSM graduate Kiera Ventura is currently entering her Junior year at NYU with a double major in Journalism and Art History. This fall she heads to Spain for her junior semester abroad, but Ventura kept busy in July by curating an innovative gallery show […]

APAP 2016: Mixing Art, Science and Politics to Change Our World

    By Carol Cooper Over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend The Association of Performing Arts Presenters (better known as APAP) invited the MCSM RamPage to report on their national convention for the second year in a row. APAP is a 59 year old political organization that uplifts and educates the American public through […]

Recruiting Writers for the 2016-17 School Year!

 This September the MCSM Rampage will be recruiting new staffers for our Newspaper Club.  Incoming freshmen are particularly encouraged to come to our weekly meetings, meet our editors and ask questions of fellow writers.  In three short years the MCSM Rampage has become a vital part of student life at our school, and many academic […]


  By Cesay Camara MCSM’s annual Talent Show, held last Friday May 29th, brought together all the creative talents possessed by people attending Manhattan Center–including singing, dancing and playing instrumental music–in a special evening showcase for the whole school to see. The MCSM Pop Band, otherwise known as the MCSM Band, was one of the […]


Editor’s Note:  RamPage reporter Mariama Bah was in the audience when the 2015 MCSM Dance Team brought their choreographed performance to the school stage.  If you were not there, Ms. Bah records here all the exciting dance moves and musical numbers you missed, along with a list of the featured dancers.  Mariama also offers us […]

Students from Norway visit MCSM

By Beverly Danquah On March 19th, 13th grade students from the Akademiet School in Norway visited Manhattan Center to get an idea of America’s educational system and a sense of our English classes. Their goal was to visit a place with a lot of immigrants so that they could get a sense of the multiple cultures […]

APAP 2015:  Making Entertainment Better, More Multi-Cultural, and More Socially Responsible

  By Carol Cooper High school kids usually have to wait for free summer concert series in city parks like Summerstage and Celebrate Brooklyn to see the wide range of international talent that perform all year round in New York nightclubs, dancehalls and small jazz bars.  But do you ever wonder how a  Kenyan rock […]

A Student Perspective on President Obama’s Executive Order to Reform Immigration Law

By Beverly Danquah Broadcast live on national TV just hours after the White House released a 17-point executive order concerning immigration reform to the press, President Obama’s November 20th  immigration speech addressed a problem that many U.S. government officials have been avoiding for decades. Our country’s immigration system is broken beyond words. If you are […]

MCSM`s Honors Government Class Collaborates in Honoring Sandy Hook

Through acts of kindness Ms.Magee`s 12th grade class pays respect to the victims of Sandy Hook By Kiara Ventura Instead of discussing politics and the government`s role in society, Ms.Magee`s 12th grade Honors Government class spent class time last Friday preparing cookies and decorating a bulletin board to honor the 20 children and 6 women […]