By Haby Sondo {Editor’s Note: in February of this year, the New York Daily News reported that females now make up 17.5 per cent of the NYPD. Out of these women, 73% are officers, 11% are detectives, 12% are sergeants, 3% are lieutenants, and 1% are captains or higher. Of women on the police […]

FEATURE: A Visit and Interview With TEEN VOGUE

Story: By the RamPage Staff      Photos:  By Chesley Jimenez and Carol Cooper       On March 3rd of this year, lucky members of MCSM’s Newspaper Club together with students from Ms. Chiavola’s English classes, were invited downtown to the Conde Nast offices at #4 World Trade Center to talk with the young editorial […]

MCSM PEOPLE: Who is Mr. Tramm?

Mr. Tramm in his extracurricular role as organizer of the MCSM Music Club   By Aaron Jackson At just a little past 3:00 pm, Mr. Tramm donned a black hoodie and khaki cargo pants.  Then, as he prepared to enjoy two donuts purchased at the Love Café right across from the school, he welcomed me […]

NYC Women Respond to Trump’s Inauguration

  By Haby Sondo Words matter. The way in which they are so uniquely formed creates hundreds of different tones and shades of meaning which each individual listener can interpret, and make their own. The rhetoric which Trump has used during his entire campaign matters.  His words have evoked fear and anger amongst young women […]

Inside The World of Advanced Science Research

  By Shumaya Islam The Advanced Science Research Program (better known as ASR) is an important academic option at MCSM. However, when I asked fellow students about the program it seemed to me that many students were not aware of any insider details. By interviewing Fariha Syeda, a second-year ASR student and also a fellow […]

SPORTS: Inside the JV Girls Basketball Team!

By Osasere Imade Here at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics we have a variety of sports. One sport that I am personally fond of is basketball. I am currently on the junior varsity team and so far it’s been a rollercoaster; not only for me, but also for other players on the team who […]


Editor’s Note:  RamPage reporter Mariama Bah was in the audience when the 2015 MCSM Dance Team brought their choreographed performance to the school stage.  If you were not there, Ms. Bah records here all the exciting dance moves and musical numbers you missed, along with a list of the featured dancers.  Mariama also offers us […]

ASR’s “Earth Observatory” Trip Includes Visiting Dutch Students

    By Vinzente Fedele During the Memorial Day weekend, the Advanced Science Research program directed by Ms. Delarosa, Mr. Kenis, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Cherbow went on a field trip to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.  Dr. Michael J. Passow, who works there as an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in Marine Geology and Geophysics, guided our activities. […]

STUDENT LIFE: How to Ace the AP Exams With Less Anxiety

By Cesay Camera Amidst the stress of upcoming AP Exams, it is not uncommon for AP students to feel like giving up despite all the sleepless nights and early morning cram sessions endured, and lunch periods sacrificed with your peers. It’s May and you probably feel like you are running out of mental energy and […]


By Karla Davis   Adam Beauchamp is a well-known Community Assistant at Manhattan Center who can be seen in the morning helping students who have lost their ID cards, or merely greeting them as they walk through the door. I sat down with Adam to talk about his perspectives, goals, hobbies, etc.The following is a […]

Seniors 101: The College Office

By Beverly Danquah During her third period lunch, Raliat Akesode, senior at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, can be seen in the College Office applying for scholarships, calling colleges to follow up, and checking her e-mail. Located in Room 154, the College Office has proven itself to be a setting where seniors and juniors […]

STUDENT LIFE: Interview with MCSM’s Junior Council Representatives

By Cesay Camara Junior year can be the most stressful yet  rewarding year of one’s high school career. Juniors, remember that you have your council members, to whom you can offer your suggestions or concerns. I interviewed Junior Council members Yeiny Moreno (Vice President) and Rasna Ekra (Class Representative) in order to make the student […]

INTERESTING PEOPLE: A Chat with Ms. Chiavola

By Anthony Rivera Ms. Chiavola is a popular English teacher at MCSM.  She has taught literature and composition here for nine years now. One of her main goals is to help students write at a college level, and to make sure that they are prepared for college level work. Last year, she worked closely with former Vice Principal […]

INTERVIEW: A Talk with Non-Fiction/Self-Help Author Wendy Wolff

    By Scarlett Vargas   Editor’s Note:  RamPage staffer Scarlett Vargas reviewed Wendy Wolff’s book “The Letter Writing Project”  for our January issue.  This month she contributes an interview with Wolff to investigate the creative process that led Wolff to cope with her sister’s tragic death by writing a series of non-fictional letters.   […]

MCSM RamPage Staffers Make New Year’s Resolutions…

 By Beverly Danquah,  Editor in Chief A New Year’s resolution is an act of self-improvement in which one starts or stops doing something in the new year. This year, 2015, writers from the MCSM RamPage decided to start off right by establishing a few goals for themselves and for the paper. From bettering our grades to […]