STUDENT LIFE: Fidgety Spinners…Helpful or Distracting?

  By Osasere Imade We are now deep into June 2017, and the latest “toy” that is sweeping the nation are these fidgety toy spinners. They have been around for a long time now, but recently they have become a trendy item that every child must have. Whether adults or kids are using them, they […]

Robotics Club: MCSM And The FIRST Robotics Competition!

By Marco Gonzalez   Editor’s Note:  The Manhattan Center Robotics Club is one of the most popular and ambitious STEM-related clubs in our school.  As you can see in the team picture above, the MCSM Rambots comprise a diverse array of participants of different grades and ages, both male and female.  Each year our robotics […]

NEED ADVICE…? Ask X,Y,Z! (March Edition)

Q: Are there any paid internships available? How do I find them? X Responds:  There are many paid internships available, but unfortunately I do not have a list. I believe the best way to find them is to ask around or do your own research. I know sometimes school administrators post flyers about internships or […]

Beauty: Why Hair Porosity Matters

  By Azizat Sadiq The three types of natural hair porosity levels are low, normal, and high porosity.  Natural hair porosity is not determined by what hair type you have. It is determined by whether your hair accepts or declines moisture easily and quickly. Low, normal, and high porosity hair are often handled differently. There […]

SPORTS: Inside the JV Girls Basketball Team!

By Osasere Imade Here at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics we have a variety of sports. One sport that I am personally fond of is basketball. I am currently on the junior varsity team and so far it’s been a rollercoaster; not only for me, but also for other players on the team who […]

Our Illustrious Alumni: A New Column

  Kiara Ventura  Hosts an Art Show Party! Rampage founding-editor and MCSM graduate Kiera Ventura is currently entering her Junior year at NYU with a double major in Journalism and Art History. This fall she heads to Spain for her junior semester abroad, but Ventura kept busy in July by curating an innovative gallery show […]

MUSIC REVIEW: J.Cole’s “Forest Hills Drive”

By Anthony Rivera On December 29th, J.Cole released his third full length album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The album begins by creating a soft, down-tempo mood, accomplished through the use of a slow piano loop over a low, simple electronic sound. This gives the lead track, called “Intro,” a very relaxing effect. This feeling is distributed throughout most […]

Anti-Feminists Argue Feminism Gives Women Unfair Advantage In Society

By Roberta Nin Feliz Why women don’t need feminism anymore Second-wave feminists watch in disappointment as the feminist movement comes to a shambles with women claiming why they DON’T need feminism. The campaign called “Women Against Feminism” has women turning to social media to proclaim why they don’t need or want feminism through selfies of […]

Latino Rampage: Volumen 2

EJERCICIOS PARA HACER EN CASA DURANTE EL INVIERNO Por Benny Ogando En medio de un clima extremadamente frío y constantes batallas contra la naturaleza, muchos de nosotros no queremos hacer nuestro viaje diario la escuela, y mucho menos al gimnasio. Pues aqui les tenemos una ofertaexclusiva de ejerciciospararealizar en casa. Muchos de los ejercicios de […]

A “YouTube” Revolution for Tibetan Youth

By Carol Cooper BOOK REVIEW:  Message From Tibet Through Songs and Dances.  Compiled by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. (Shang Shung Edizioni, Italy). In a bold attempt to bridge the cultural gap between the last generation of  Tibetans raised in Tibet before the Chinese invasion (like the Dalai Lama), and today’s Tibetan teens (many of whom have been born to exiles forced to flee their native land), a Tibetan Buddhist teacher […]

Tupac Comes to Broadway: “Holler If Ya Hear Me”

Editor’s Note:  Despite an excellent cast and a massive promotional campaign, the play reviewed below did not survive the whole summer on Broadway.  This is not because the play was bad. Many good plays don’t last more than a few weeks on Broadway because of the astronomical costs involved.  Investors must expect to lose a […]