MUSIC REVIEW: Logic’s New Rap Single is all the Rage

 By Karla Davis Logic is back in the public eye with a fiery new single and some exciting news! He has officially shared his new album title Everybody, that will be released on May 5th.  In addition, he has leaked the title track of the project.     Enhancing the announcement with visuals, Logic shared […]

MUSIC: Five Non-White Artists You Should Be Listening To

By Aaron Jackson In today’s broad, decentralized musical marketplace, it’s become ever so easy to find artists that fit your personal music tastes. However it has not become as easy to find new and distinctive artists you might like that who aren’t white. Racism obviously plays a huge role in this, and while I could […]

MCSM PEOPLE: Who is Mr. Tramm?

Mr. Tramm in his extracurricular role as organizer of the MCSM Music Club   By Aaron Jackson At just a little past 3:00 pm, Mr. Tramm donned a black hoodie and khaki cargo pants.  Then, as he prepared to enjoy two donuts purchased at the Love Café right across from the school, he welcomed me […]

MUSIC: Do You Know Keny Arkana?

By Carol Cooper Even though American rap and hip hop went international as soon as reps from the Bronx-based Zulu Nation toured Europe during the early 1980s, contemporary pop radio in the USA seldom supports rap records from other countries.  When you remember how many early rappers were inspired by tapes of Jamaican toasting deejays–or […]

MUSIC: Revisiting “Lemonade”

      By Aaron Jackson As I’m typing this, it has been about 5 months since Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter  single-handedly ended every single social injustice ever to plague this disgusting earth. With just the simple swing of a bat and the flip of her middle finger, Beyoncé sent misogynoir along with its lackeys –scuttling […]

Not Just Another Pro-Black Performance

By Roberta Nin Feliz My first encounter with Kendrick Lamar’s artistry can be traced back to a 14-year-old Roberta trying hard to stray from the norm and the “cool kids.” After my 8th grade teacher checked me on calling myself a feminist while being a fan of the Odd Future mogul, Tyler The Creator, I latched onto Kendrick for his socially aware lyrics and the raw truth I […]


  By Cesay Camara MCSM’s annual Talent Show, held last Friday May 29th, brought together all the creative talents possessed by people attending Manhattan Center–including singing, dancing and playing instrumental music–in a special evening showcase for the whole school to see. The MCSM Pop Band, otherwise known as the MCSM Band, was one of the […]

MUSIC REVIEW: “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth (From the “Furious 7” Soundtrack)

By Musfika Moshahid   On April 6, 2015, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth was released on YouTube. Since then, the song has reached over 55,000,000 views within 2 weeks. The track has become a huge hit. This song  broke two records on Spotify. First the song had 21.9 million streams from […]