MUSIC REVIEW: Logic’s New Rap Single is all the Rage

By Karla Davis   Logic is back in the public eye with a fiery new single and some exciting news! He has officially shared his new album title Everybody, that will be released on May 5th.  In addition, he has leaked the title track of the project. Enhancing the announcement with visuals, Logic shared with […]

ESSAY: Has The Spirit of Christmas Changed?

By Shumaya Islam It was about a week or so ago, when I woke up around my usual time in the morning. A sharp tremor of coldness ran from the top of my dark brown locks to the bottom of my round toes. My whole body shivered, as I pulled my comforter closer attempting to […]

OP-ED: Minority Groups that Oppress Other Minorities….Are You Guilty?

By Aaron Jackson Okay, so get this: you’re in the third grade again. You’re outside in the playground, when all of a sudden, some fifth grader begins to pick on you, along with some random fourth grader. You survive that torment, but as soon as the fifth grader leaves, the fourth grader who experienced the […]

Not Just Another Pro-Black Performance

By Roberta Nin Feliz My first encounter with Kendrick Lamar’s artistry can be traced back to a 14-year-old Roberta trying hard to stray from the norm and the “cool kids.” After my 8th grade teacher checked me on calling myself a feminist while being a fan of the Odd Future mogul, Tyler The Creator, I latched onto Kendrick for his socially aware lyrics and the raw truth I […]

The “Charlie Hebdo” Tragedy: With Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression, When Do the Rules Apply?

      By Cesay Camara As a Muslim who is American-born and living in the United States, my hijab is an obvious symbol of the religious denomination to which I belong: Islam. However, that is not all.  To some people who are blinded by their ignorance, the word Islam is synonymous with oppression, subordination, […]