OPINION: Reconsidering America’s Gun Control Debate

    By Fariha Fawziah The implementation of gun control in the United States is a tremendous problem! Tension-filled debates have been going on between gun control advocates and pro-gun activists for at least a decade. For a long period of time, people have given their evidence and statistics to prove that more guns mean […]

LATINO RAMPAGE: Bi-lingual Supplement Volumen 4

LA HISTORIA DETRAS DEL “IN AND OUT”     (Pictured above: a local landmark transformed from barbershop to tasty take-out shop.) Por Scarlett Vargas El pasado tiene da una identidad y el futuro tiene la promesa de la realización en todas las formas, pero por alguna razón mi generación parece estar olvidando lo importante que la […]

“This Could be Us”

By Penda Smith   Imagine this, we are lying on grass, No not green grass, but this grass will be a vibrant red,   So we are lying on red grass, watching the sun set, melodramatic,   your cheek, my canvas, lip stains of cherry   your smile, a bending rainbow, stitched moon,   captivate […]

What the Flock?

Children are leechers Who believe all their teachers But more than what’s said When you put them to bed They’ll recall what you did. Consciousness has no lid… So now as we wander Life sans first-responders, Cameras roll, it’s “reality”! (No one wins congeniality) The things often taught (History is a knot) Are so concentrated […]