FICTION: “The Coffee Bee” (Part 4)

By Rifath Islam   (Only two days have passed since the events recounted in last month’s  chapter!  As we rejoin our protagonists, Theo is once again back in the coffee shop with Adeline.) “Adeline?” Theo asked, poking the girl in the cheek. It was closing time at the coffee shop and Matthew had already left.  Adeline […]

Café Au Lait

By Karla Davis   “Chocolate is brown, vanilla is white, strawberry is pink, lemon is yellow.” The young mother vocalizes these facts slowly to her small child. They are standing together in front of the store’s new ice cream display. Mama is teaching her daughter what is what. The little girl, overwhelmed by the wide […]

FICTION: So Where is Waldo Really?

  By Domingo Fortuna Author’s Note: “Where is Waldo?” is a book for children  that creates a world where everyone is similar. The Land of Waldo signifies equality among the masses and the embracing of differences. The characters in the book  are adventurous and distinctive to represent some of our own characteristics. The rivalry between Odlaw and […]