Robotics Club: MCSM And The FIRST Robotics Competition!

By Marco Gonzalez   Editor’s Note:  The Manhattan Center Robotics Club is one of the most popular and ambitious STEM-related clubs in our school.  As you can see in the team picture above, the MCSM Rambots comprise a diverse array of participants of different grades and ages, both male and female.  Each year our robotics […]

Science: How “Ball Mills” Create Better, Faster Chemical Reactions

Dr. James Mack in his lab.   By Fariha Fawziah Tony Mack (who is an 8th grader), and his father James Mack (who is a chemist at the University of Cincinnati), had a race to prepare a mix of stilbene molecules to make dyes. However, both were using different preparation methods. Dr. Mack was heating […]

Inside The World of Advanced Science Research

  By Shumaya Islam The Advanced Science Research Program (better known as ASR) is an important academic option at MCSM. However, when I asked fellow students about the program it seemed to me that many students were not aware of any insider details. By interviewing Fariha Syeda, a second-year ASR student and also a fellow […]

Science: Three Types of Human Chimeras That Already Exist

  The Chimera from Greek mythology, not the genetic anomaly that shares its name.   By Fariha Fawziah Researchers have recently declared that they wish to create human-animal “chimeras,” a genetic intervention which has sparked major medical and ethical debates. The reason behind this may be the experiments of creating hybrid animals by human geneticists […]

SCIENCE: Can Voice Analysis Diagnose or Predict Disease?

By Fariha Fawziah When humans have an abnormal mental and/or a physical condition, we tend to speak in an unclear tone, such as mumbling our words or perhaps having little creaks in our voices. These small changes are, however, undetectable to our ears. Scholars and researchers are now attempting to develop a technology to diagnose […]

CE WEEK 2015: Better Living Through Technology?

By Carol Cooper Another June has come and gone, and with it another stellar Consumer Electronics Week in Manhattan.  This year, like last, the MCSM RamPage attended the show invited by the media firm ShowStoppers to track the latest innovations and trends of interest to anyone contemplating a future career in science, technology, engineering or […]

ASR’s “Earth Observatory” Trip Includes Visiting Dutch Students

    By Vinzente Fedele During the Memorial Day weekend, the Advanced Science Research program directed by Ms. Delarosa, Mr. Kenis, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Cherbow went on a field trip to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.  Dr. Michael J. Passow, who works there as an Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in Marine Geology and Geophysics, guided our activities. […]

STUDENT LIFE: A Trip to the Harlem DNA Lab

  By Vinzente Fedele On March 2nd, 2015, I joined the Advanced Science Research (ASR) class in visiting the Harlem DNA Lab. I met Ms. Lee, who explained and directed the lab. She started the activity by asking us simple questions about DNA, and how it’s used to create proteins. She discussed the ALU gene […]

Extracurricular Learning: A Trip to GenSpace

  By Vinzente Fedele   On Tuesday, November 11, I decided to go looking for GenSpace, a public laboratory that people can use for their own research projects after becoming a member and paying an affordable, monthly fee.  Since it opened in December of 2010, it has provided both young students and adults with hands-on […]

Why Google and Apple Won’t Give the Police Your Phone’s Passcode Anymore

  By Chimdi Alagor In the past month, both Google and Apple announced that the next generation of their operating systems, Android L and iOS 8 respectively, will encrypt information on cell phones automatically. As soon as you create a passcode for your device running iOS 8 or the soon to be released Android L, […]

CEA’s Tech-Savvy Event

By Carol Cooper Once a year near the end of June the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), and its media-outreach partner ShowStoppers, invite journalists, bloggers, young inventors, public policy advocates,  early adopters  and professional retailers to gather in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion for an exciting week of tech-savvy exhibits and panels.   The purpose of this event is to […]

TECH: Xbox One VS. PlayStation 4

———————————— By Tatyanna Morales This is the month of major league competitions, junk food, and video games. Released on November 15th the PlayStation 4 (weighing 6.1 lbs) has hooked millions of buyers because of their 1080 pixel graphics and because of Call of Duty Ghosts that came out November 5th. However SONY’s rival, Microsoft, released […]