2016-2017 Staff Bios

2016-2017 Co-Student Editors (See full bios in Sept 2016 Letters From Your Editors post) Karla Davis—Staff Reporter My name is Karla Davis. I am from the Dominican Republic, and I aspire to be a journalist and/or an author. I have been in the Newspaper Club since my freshman year at MCSM. The newspaper for me […]

Letters From Your New Student Editors

  My name is Deborah Robinson. I am a senior at MCSM, and I first joined the newspaper staff in September 2015, the beginning of my Junior year. As a staff reporter my main interests were writing about anything I was given to write. I didn’t have a specific thing that I liked to write about so I was given assignments […]

2015/16 Newspaper Team

  Roberta Nin Feliz- Editor-in-Chief/Writer/FeministRoberta Nin Feliz has been apart of the newspaper since its beginning in 2013. She began as a reporter and worked her way up to co-editor and finally editor-in-chief. Her freshman and sophomore year she wrote for the teen magazine, YCteen. Her work for the Rampage garnered her a Newsie award […]

2014-2015 Newspaper Team

Beverly Danquah- Editor in Chief/Writer/Website Editor   My name is Beverly Yaa Danquah. I particularly love broadcast journalism, and engage in various aspects of it on a daily basis. I am already studio and field reporting certified by the  Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). With MNN, I have produced and filmed movies, documentaries and events. I host my own show […]