It is with great pride that the RamPage presents its first bilingual section,  the  Latino RamPage supplement.  Editorial coordinator Yeritza Mejia and her team  are among the many students at MCSM for whom Spanish is a first language.  Unlike many parts of the world where every citizen is fluent in more than one language, America has always enjoyed being a huge nation where English is the only language everyone needs to learn. For that reason,  Americans do not always value multi-lingual people as much as they should. The Latino RamPage  exists in part to celebrate one particular form of  bilinguality as well as to demonstrate the  many advantages and  pleasures of being able to translate your ideas from one language and cultural  perspective into another.  Every other month the Latino RamPage hopes to present  unique bilingual points of view, as well as to practice the valuable skill of literary translation!  So check it out! Pa’lante! 

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